Smart Vault
by Bosonic

Self-custody solution for off-exchange settlementSM

"Trade from Your Own Wallet". Retain control over your assets throughout the trading and settlement life cycle.

Introducing Smart Vault: The unique solution that empowers you to trade directly from your own wallet with any Market Maker, CeFi or DeFi exchanges, all without requiring deposits at a physical custodian or exchange. No more costly and complex tri-party agreements. Plus, it safeguards your assets from the risks tied to bilateral credit exposure.

Why Smart Vault?

Smart Vault is the world's first non-custodial off-exchange settlement solution. It effectively removes counterparty, exchange and custodial risks, providing you with the flexibility to access global liquidity and interact with any counterparty without giving up control of your assets. All of this comes at a significantly lower cost compared to other options.

Compare other solutions:

Clearinghouse and Prime Brokers
Bosonic’s Innovative Solutions
w/ Clearinghouse & Prime Brokers
Existing Off-Exchange Settlement

Intermediaries are needed

Requires credit lines and/or deposit of assets to a third-party.
Bosonic Smart Vault

No Intermediaries

No third-parties are involved. You trade directly with your counterparty
Existing Off-Exchange Settlement

Hidden Credit Risk

Risk from counterparties you don’t directly trade with due to credit and leverage.
Bosonic Smart Vault

No Credit Risk

All trades are fully funded even if leveraged, making counter party risk impossible
Existing Off-Exchange Settlement

Exchange and Credit Risk

Unlimited credit Risk from market makers and exchanges
Bosonic Smart Vault

Zero Counterparty Risk

No deposits to exchanges or credit with market makers. Your assets stay safe in your custody.
Existing Off-Exchange Settlement

Highest Costs

Intermediaries price in the risk they take, passing the costs to customers.
Bosonic Smart Vault

Lowest Cost

Eliminate the cost of the middle man and still get maximum capital efficiency.

Benefits of Smart Vault

Self custody

Smart Vault allows you to freely trade while maintaining control and possession of your assets. Private keys stay in your possession.

Global liquidity

Smart Vault lets you access global liquidity on CeFi and DeFi exchanges, market makers, and facilitates trading with anyone at an exchange or brick-and-mortar custodian.

Off-exchange settlement

Smart Vault exclusively enables automated concurrent settlement between counterparties. This consolidates all necessary settlements with all counterparties into one operation where nobody needs to initiate settlement first.

Net settlement

Smart Vault is built to multilaterally net trades in real-time across any number of liquidity providers and other buy-side counterparties.

No Intermediaries

Smart Vault eliminates the need for any third-party to hold your assets to clear and settle your trades.

Capital Efficiency

Smart Vault is capital-efficient as it eliminates the need for prefunding liquidity providers and automates the process of multilateral net settlements, saving you time and resources.

Risk Mitigation

Smart Vault eliminates the risks of holding assets at a third-party, rehypothecation, settlement and other counterparty credit risks.

The Smart Vault Advantage

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