Net Settle
With Zero Risk & Total Capital Efficiency

Cross Custodian Net Settlement, Digital Securities, and Repo, all within our licensed FINRA/SEC-regulated ATS

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Cross Custodian Net Settlement

Maximize Your Capital Efficiency with Bosonic's Advanced Trading Solutions

Streamline your trading with Bosonic's cross-custodian net settlement solution. Manage trades across multiple custodians seamlessly. Eliminate the need for prefunding capital on exchanges, counterparty, clearing, and settlement risk.

Capital Efficiency

Leverage net settlement, repo, and lending capabilities to ensure your capital is used efficiently, reducing transaction costs and freeing up liquidity.

Unlock the full potential of your capital with Bosonic's comprehensive suite of financial solutions. Leverages net settlement, repo, and lending capabilities to ensure your capital is used efficiently, reducing transaction costs and freeing up liquidity. Experience a new level of capital optimization that enhances your trading strategies and financial outcomes.

Licensed ATS

Trade with Confidence on Our Regulated (licensed FINRA/SEC) Alternative Trading System.

Trade on a licensed ATS platform offering a secure and regulated environment for trading securities, digital assets, and tokenized assets. Designed to enhance distribution and liquidity while ensuring compliance with the highest regulatory standards. Join a network of financial institutions that trust Bosonic for reliable, efficient, and secure trading operations.

Bosonic's Impact Across Industries

Bosonic takes trading, lending, and borrowing to a new level for everyone.

Revolutionizing Hedge Fund Strategies

Unlock the crypto market's full potential — fast, secure, and efficient trading, lending, and borrowing for hedge funds with Bosonic.

The Ultimate Solution for Broker Dealers in Crypto

Seamless, secure, and regulatory-compliant: Bosonic removes the hassles, risks, and infrastructure investment from crypto trading.

Empowering Market Makers in Crypto

Seamless liquidity distribution, automated settlement, and enhanced profitability — with Bosonic's revolutionary financial ecosystem.

Revolutionizing Exchanges' Liquidity Strategies

Expand reach, cut costs, and enhance security — The ultimate solution for exchanges looking to optimize operations and drive revenue growth.

A Game-Changer for Lending Desks

Efficient, secure, and flexible — The benefits of real-time lending with Bosonic for your lending desk in the crypto market.

Prime Solutions for Digital Asset Challenges

Navigating the complexities of digital asset services made simple with Bosonic's seamless prime brokerage platform.

Bridging Traditional Banking with Digital Assets

Deliver a seamless, secure experience for your clients, combining the best of traditional and digital finance.

Elevating Custodianship Beyond Limits

Discover how Bosonic transforms modern custodianship, reducing risks, enhancing security, and unlocking new revenue streams.

Bosonic Securities

Bosonic Securities is registered with FINRA as a Broker Dealer and registered with the SEC as an Alternative Trading System (ATS) for equity and debt securities, including Digital Asset Securities. Visit Bosonic Securities to see how to issue and invest in tokenized assets as well as engage in secondary market trading.

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A Future Without Trading Counterparty Risk is Here

Don't miss this opportunity to join the future of finance. Reach out today to upgrade to a modern, efficient, and cost-effective trading system.

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