The Bosonic Promise

Eliminate counterparty credit and settlement risk

Delivering Layer-2 blockchain infrastructure that's shaping the future of Digital Asset markets.

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cleared and settled on the Bosonic Network

Better competitiveness for Institutions

Your account.
Your custodian.

Tokenize assets to freely transact from any custodian, instantly, with finality and zero risk.


Real-time clearing &
settlement facing any other counterparty trading on the network.


Cross-margining, trading & payments netting, and settlement movements.

Do you want to see all benefits in action?

Our approach

The Bosonic Network™


Cryptographically tokenize assets

Digitizes assets held in your account at your custodian, enabling them to be freely tradable on the Bosonic Network™ with high velocity and zero risk.

All on-network trading firms maintain complete control of their assets at their preferred member custodian while still transacting risk-free with any other counterparty, regardless of their custodian, exchange, etc.


Real-time atomic exchange of assets

Each trade is in an instant, zero-risk transaction with finality. Member institutions can instantly take advantage of real-time collateral management, clearing and settlement, cross-margining, multilateral netting, cross-custodian net settlement movements, real-time pledge of collateral, and repo financing.

Patent-pending multi-custodian blockchain network that digitizes and cryptographically guarantees any asset held by a custodian - Bitcoin, Fiat, etc. - can be exchanged among parties in real time.


Continuous net

Cross-custodian netting and settlements for maximum capital efficiency and lowest risk.

Patent-pending technology automates cross-margining, credit and margin management, trading and payments netting and settlement movements, providing member institutions with unprecedented capital efficiency while eliminating counterparty and settlement risks.


The only solution

Custodian Agnostic

Member institutions can face any other institution on the network without moving assets from their custodian by using cryptographically guaranteed trust, rather than requiring custody by exchanges and brokerages, eliminating the movements of assets.

Cross-Custodian Net Settlement

Allows for institutions to trade and make payments from their custodian with any other institutions at any other custodian with cross-margining and continuous netting with custodian-to-custodian atomic net settlement movements.

Atomic Exchange of Value

Tokenized assets on a patent-pending multi-ledger Layer 2 blockchain allow every transaction to be trusted and fully guaranteed with real-time clearing and settlement with finality. This eliminates trust and risk concerns and delivers Payment vs. Payment (PVP) transactions.

Prime Services and Institutional DeFi

Aggregation of third-party balance sheet facilitates almost unlimited scale for Prime Services and is delivered as a competitive lending marketplace without intermediation, rehypothecation risks, or movement of collateral.

Tradable Liquidity Aggregation

All liquidity from market-makers, institutional and retail exchanges, as well as other institutional clients are tradable from a single account at any custodian on the network with zero credit risk. Trades are continuously netted in real-time with cross-margining for maximum capital efficiency and net settlement movements are fully automated at the custodial level for maximum automation and no “go first” risk.

Instant Cross-Custodian Payments

Institutions can make self-directed payments in any asset, including Fiat and Crypto, 24x7, with instant credit for trading and further payments.

Digital Asset

We bring together everything required to cover the entire Digital Asset trading and payment lifecycle so you don’t have to - the Bosonic Network powers market-makers to exchanges to brokerages, and everything in between.

See how custodians, exchanges, market makers and institutional trading firms benefit from the Bosonic Network™ Infrastructure-as-a-Service including: