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Trade anything, anywhere with anyone.

Imagine a financial world where you can trade and settle assets seamlessly, regardless of which custodian your counterparty uses. With Cross-Custodian Net Settlement (CCNS), this vision becomes reality. CCNS eliminates the limitations of traditional settlement systems, enabling efficient and risk-free transactions across any custodian.


Current settlement processes are fragmented and inefficient, often involving pre-funding exchanges, delayed settlements, and counterparty risk. CCNS solves these problems.

Compare Traditional Challenges with Bosonic’s Solutions

Traditional Challenges

Inefficient Capital Allocation

Traditional settlement often requires pre-funding individual exchanges, tying up capital and limiting trading opportunities.
Bosonic’s CCNS Solution

Eliminating pre-funding

Trade freely without the need to tie up capital in individual exchanges beforehand, maximizing your available liquidity and investment opportunities.
Traditional Challenges

Delayed Netting

Trades are settled individually, leading to slow and fragmented processes with unnecessary delays.
Bosonic’s CCNS Solution

Enabling real-time netting

Offset positions across different exchanges to achieve net-zero settlement instantly.
Traditional Challenges

Counterparty Risk

Trusting counterparties for settlement exposes participants to potential defaults and losses.
Bosonic’s CCNS Solution

Removing counterparty risk

Trade directly with any counterparty, regardless of their custodian, with atomic exchange technology.

Benefits of Cross-Custodian Net Settlement (CCNS)

Automated Net Settlement

Automatically calculates and settles all cross-custodian trades and payments on Layer 2 for instant completion.

Risk-Free Atomic Exchange

Exchange net settlement amounts between custodians instantly and without counterparty risk.

Layer-2 Efficiency

Leverage the speed and cost-effectiveness of Layer 2 blockchain technology for netted quantity settlements.

Seamless JPMCoin Movement

Transfer JPMCoin between custodians programmatically through Layer-1 smart contracts.

The Bosonic Advantage

The Future of Financial Settlements

Bosonic's CCNS empowers a truly interconnected financial ecosystem, fostering seamless trading, payments, and innovation across the industry.

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