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Collateralized Short-Term Lending and Borrowing

Bosonic Repo gives you a simple way to leverage trading strategies or earn a yield.

Introducing Bosonic Repo: Bosonic Repo bridges the gap between a well-established TradFi financing mechanism with modern DeFi needs by organizing an open competitive repo market for digital and fiat assets. Borrow and lend your assets with short-term collateralized loans with an unprecedented level of control, transparency and asset safety.

Why choose Bosonic Repo?

Lending in the digital asset space has been a disaster. But that doesn't mean it isn't needed. Bosonic Repo gives you a compliant safe way to lend or borrow. Our Repo market gives you the ability to earn a yield or access leverage while eliminating unapproved risks. All while being fully transparent and compliant.

Compare other solutions:

DeFi lending Challenges


DeFi lending protocols lack AML KYC, restricting institutions from participating.
Bosonic’s Solution

AML KYC Compliance

All counterparties undergo AML KYC, ensuring compliance, opening up access.
DeFi lending Challenges

Collateral Uncertainty

There's no guarantee of collateral return on other lending platforms.
Bosonic’s Solution

Locked Collateral

With Repo, collateral remains locked on the network during its use.
DeFi lending Challenges


DeFi protocols and CeFi lending require assets to be over-collateralized.
Bosonic’s Solution

Optimal Collateralization

Repo’s low risk model allows safer under-collateralized lending.
DeFi lending Challenges

DeFi Protocol Custody Risk

DeFi protocol’s hold your assets, not you.
Bosonic’s Solution

Direct Custody

All collateral is held by you at your custodian or in your wallet.

Benefits of Repo

Earn a yield

Earn a yield on your assets safely.


You control the duration, risk tolerance, and interest rate.


You have no hidden counterparty risk downstream.

Direct ownership

No intermediary is involved. Lend or Borrow out of your own custody account or wallet.


Fully automates your risk management and gives you control.

Unlocking Trading Strategies

Allows leveraged trading of both long and short positions without having to rely on margin or derivatives.


View the marketplace, borrow and lend from the Bosonic Trade Desk application or connect via API.

The Repo Advantage

Reach out to our team and learn more about Repo by Bosonic.

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