Real-time atomic exchange of assets

Each trade is in an instant, zero-risk transaction with finality on the multi-custodian Bosonic Network™.

Bosonic’s Solution

The Bosonic Network™ provides member institutions with atomic exchange of assets eliminating counterparty and settlement risk. By Digitizing assets, the Bosonic Network implements all trading, payments, lending and borrowing as real-time atomic exchange of value on a custodian-agnostic blockchain network. This cryptographically guaranteed implementation of trading, clearing and settlement provides a real-time, digital alternative to credit intermediation typically used by traditional Prime Brokers, by replacing balance sheets with technology.

The Bosonic Network is built on a multi-custodian, blockchain network that digitizes and cryptographically guarantees any asset held by a custodian - Bitcoin, Fiat, etc. - can be exchanged among parties in real time. This real-time exchange is called an atomic exchange of assets. This tokenization of assets uniquely creates a cryptographically guaranteed and concurrent change of ownership that eliminates the need for Prime Brokers to use their balance sheets as collateral and thereby eliminating counterparty and settlement risks.

The real-time atomic exchange of assets incorporates real-time collateral management, clearing and settlement, continuous netting, cross-custodian net settlement movements, real-time pledge of collateral, and repo financing. Bosonic uses cryptographically guaranteed representations of assets on a Layer 2 blockchain to remove the public ledger from the critical path, providing immediate readability of assets and eliminating settlement initiator risk.

The Bosonic Network’s patent-pending implementation of Layer 2 multi-ledger architecture allows real-time atomic exchange of assets to scale beyond any available solution today. The Bosonic Network is a turn-key infrastructure-as-a-service to member institutions eliminating counter party and settlement risk without the need for complex integration.

See how custodians, exchanges, market makers and institutional trading firms benefit from the Bosonic Network™ Infrastructure-as-a-Service including: