Virtual Custodian
Trade from any self-custody wallet with any counterparty on the Bosonic Network™ with Atomic Exchange on Layer-2 secured by assets locked in Layer-1 Smart Contracts or brick and mortar custodians.
Bring any self-custody wallet to the Bosonic Network with no integration required
Load assets into a Smart Contract on a Layer-1 protocol to prove and lock assets
Assets are locked in the Layer-1 Smart Contract when issued onto the Virtual custodian Layer-2 blockchain ledgers at your request
Utilize Layer-1 Smart Contract balances within all trading platforms and the lending marketplace
Trade with counterparties at brick-and-mortar custodians or other Virtual Custodian clients with Atomic Exchange and no counterparty credit or settlement risk
Lend and borrow assets in the lending marketplace without assets moving to/from the Smart Contracts
Automated net settlement movements with Atomic Exchange of net amounts due including physical delivery to/from the Smart Contracts
Redeem assets from the Smart Contracts back to your wallet at any time
Utilize Layer-1 Smart Contract balances within all trading platforms and the lending marketplace
Layer-2 blockchain ledgers serve as state channel with cryptographic provability of all transactions
Automated Fiat-to-Stablecoin incorporated into net settlement movement automation
High frequency trading from a self-custody wallet
No Layer-1 transaction fees for all transactions except periodic net settlement movement transactions
Institutional DeFi for trading with all liquidity sources on the Bosonic Network including market makers, exchanges and other counterparties
Transact on the full range of trading platforms on the Bosonic Network including the CLOB, Dark Pool, Aggregator/SOR and RFQ block trading platform
Face counterparties at brick-and-mortar custodians including for transactions involving Fiat currencies
Cryptographic provability of all transactions
BSA regulated entity performs AML/KYC’d on all DeFi counterparties