Lending Marketplace
Real-time intra-day short borrowing, margin and leverage financing as a Repo transaction on Layer-2 custodial blockchain ledgers. All trading counterparties remain fully funded at all times, with credit risk shifted to third-party lenders.
Real-time borrowing and lending order books
Borrowers and lenders keep assets in their own accounts at their own custodians
Lenders control interest rates, initial, variation and liquidation margin levels
Disclosed and anonymous transacting
Autoliquidation of borrower positions
Asset holders can earn yield on Crypto and Fiat in a safer institutional marketplace
Frictionless aggregation of third-party balance sheet for short borrowing, margin and leverage financing
Repo transaction changes ownership of the underlying assets in real-time ensuring that trading counterparties are fully funded intra-day with credit risk shifted to the lending marketplace
Crypto remains at the custodian on the Bosonic Network, eliminating issues with compelling the return of coin when collateral becomes undervalued
Protection against debit balances through auto liquidation