Custodian Desk
Allows custodians to give clients access to riskless trading and instant payments on Bosonic Network™ while earning a revenue stream on trading transactions and payments.
Free for partner custodians, with revenue share pass through
No technology integration required to go live
Fully hosted
Create blockchain ledgers to support any asset including Fiat or Crypto with a few mouse clicks
Digitize client assets and manage issuance and redemption on/off the custodial blockchain ledgers
Automated Net Settlement Movement calculations and management
Reporting on client balances, trading, payments and blockchain transactions
White label options for trading and payments
Get live in days, works with any existing custodial wallet technology
Earn significant revenue stream
Attract and retain client assets
Clients can trade from cold storage
Drastically reduce Layer-1 asset movements and transaction fees
Cryptographic provability of all transactions
Offer customers 24x7 payments in Fiat and Crypto to compete with other payment networks
Offer customers access to aggregated liquidity with no risk and without moving assets
Offer lending to clients without moving assets
Never become a counterparty to trades, allocate credit or use/risk own balance sheet while delivering full services to clients
Use SDK to build apps on top of the trading and payments capabilities
Cross-custodian net settlement with zero risk in future release