Cross-Custodian Net Settlement
Custodian-to-custodian atomic net settlement on behalf of all clients in support of cross-custodian trading and payments. Automatically settles netted quantities on Layer-2 as well as delivering residual quantities that need to move between custodians for both Fiat and Crypto assets using Layer-1 Smart Contracts.
Calculates net settlement amounts due for all cross-custodian trading and payment transactions of clients at different custodians
Automated workflows for Atomic Exchange of net settlement amounts due custodian-to-custodian
Netted quantities that don’t need to move are burned and reallocated atomically on custodial Layer-2 blockchain ledgers
Residual quantities that need to move are programmatically loaded into Layer-1 Smart Contracts and atomically exchanged
Automated Fiat handling to facilitate programmatic movement of Fiat over Layer-1 public ledger between custodians
Allocation reports for programmatic application of amounts due and audit trail
Facilitates trading between clients at any custodians with clients at any other custodians. facilitates payments between clients at different custodians with netted physical delivery
Riskless Atomic Exchange between clients at different custodians without AML/KYC barriers
Custodians retain clients and assets under custody but facilitate open trading and payments with clients of other approved regulated custodians
Revolving stablecoin issuance and redemption facility couples instant Layer-2 payments of Fiat and Crypto between custodians and stablecoin issuers with Layer-1 issuance and delivery