Continuous net settlement

Cross-custodian netting and settlements for maximum capital efficiency and lowest risk on the Bosonic Network™.

Bosonic’s Solution

The Bosonic Network™ is built with cryptographically guaranteed automation to enable any-to-any custodian trading with instant clearing and settlement payments. Our patent-pending technology automates cross-margining, credit and margin management, trading and payments netting and settlement movements, providing member institutions with unprecedented capital efficiency while eliminating counterparty and settlement risks.

Leveraging digitized assets, the Bosonic Network layers on automation technology to provide member institutions with automated, cross-custodial trading and net settlement that is cryptographically guaranteed, eliminating balance sheet risks and creating unprecedented capital efficiency. Once a member of the Bosonic Network, customers’ assets are digitized based on proven assets at their custodian and can access any liquidity or face any counterparty at any other custodian risk free.

Once assets are digitized, traders gain the ability to automate cross-margining to insure a single pool or multiple pools of collateral are available to any counterparty or exchange that is on the network. This enables automated cross-custodial trades to benefit from automatic trade netting that is always based on net position that is cryptographically guaranteed. When combined with automated liquidity aggregation in a single custodial account, member institutions eliminate risk, reduce friction, gain tremendous intra-day flexibility and unprecedented capital efficiency over traditional, siloed accounts leveraging prime broker services.

See how custodians, exchanges, market makers and institutional trading firms benefit from the Bosonic Network™ Infrastructure-as-a-Service including: