Cryptographically tokenize assets

Digitizes assets held in your account at your custodian, enabling them to be freely tradable on the Bosonic Network™ with high velocity and zero risk.

Bosonic’s Solution

Institutions, especially fiduciaries, are principally concerned about risk to client assets. Therefore, they choose their counterparties carefully and will not accept counterparty credit and settlement risk. They are further mandated to seek best execution, which requires executing trades against many sources of liquidity with full transparency to both principal and agency trades.

The Bosonic Network™ provides member organizations with instant tokenization of assets, freeing institutions to provide cross-custodian services, allowing counterparty and settlement to happen instantly, and providing automated transactions and settlement, all without assets ever leaving the control of the originating custodian.

Lenders can hold assets in their own account at any Bosonic Network member custodian and make those assets available for lend; they can use simple workflow to set interest rate and risk parameters (initial, variation and liquidation margin levels).

Borrowers on the Bosonic Network now have access to a competitive lending marketplace (all lenders are competing for yield and on terms using the tokenized system driving costs down) available where they can electronically borrow on demand, elastically intra-day.

Risk in these transactions is eliminated by using advanced cryptography via blockchain. Customers of Bosonic Network member custodians and institutions never lose control of their assets and have the freedom of transacting with any other customer of any other member institutions.

See how custodians, exchanges, market makers and institutional trading firms benefit from the Bosonic Network™ Infrastructure-as-a-Service including: