Prime Brokers
Complete solution for running a Digital Assets Prime Brokerage operation that works seamlessly with any existing custodial wallet and general ledger technology or sub-custodian solutions. Manage collateral on Layer-2 blockchain ledgers, offer Prime Services such as margin and leverage financing, lending, as well as access to any liquidity, trade execution and clearing and settlement with no Prime Broker balance sheet commitment or risk.
Key Points
Enterprise-ready fully hosted solution with security that complies with requirements for nationally chartered banks
Works with any wallet technology for custody of Digital Assets and general accounting ledger solution for Fiat
Can use sub-custodian for to avoid holding or handling Crypto assets
Asset tokenization tools to easily make client collateral held in custody available for trading and payments
Trade execution over CLOB, Dark Pool, Liquidity Aggregation w/SOR and RFQ block trading platform
Zero counterparty credit or settlement risk for Prime Broker and their clients across all liquidity providers and other counterparties
Aggregated liquidity from any market makers and exchanges all tradable without bilateral credit and bilateral settlement or assets at exchanges
Trades are executed as an Atomic Exchange with real-time clearing and settlement against client collateral on Layer-2 blockchain ledgers
Lending marketplace with Repo lending/borrowing for short borrowing, margin or leverage financing with aggregated third-party party balance sheet held by lenders in their own custodial accounts
Real-time pre-trade risk, margining, mark-to-market and autoliquidation
Credit engine to support Prime Broker granted credit as well as bilateral credit lines and enforce limits
Real-time 24x7 payments on Layer-2 blockchain ledgers for any use case with API for custom collateral management applications
Client onboarding tools with user creation and management
Full suite of real-time activity monitoring dashboards and historical reporting
APIs include industry standard FIX protocol for Makers and Takers as well as Outbound/Inbound Post Trade Drop Copies and REST/Websockets
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