Lending Desks
Participate in real-time lending marketplace for intra-day margin and credit financing while maintaining assets in your own custodial account while controlling interest rates, term and margin levels.
Key Points
Real-time borrowing and lending orderbook
Borrowers and lenders keep assets in their own account at their own custodians
Lenders control interest rates, initial, variation and liquidation margin levels
Disclosed and anonymous transacting
Real-time margining, mark-to-market and autoliquidation of borrower positions and Reverse Repo
Interest rate payments automatically received in lender custodial accounts
Asset holders can earn yield on Crypto and Fiat in a safer institutional marketplace
No asset movements means no issues with compelling the return of Crypto assets
Repo transaction changes ownership of the underlying assets in real-time on custodial Layer-2 blockchain ledgers, perfecting ownership of collateral in the event of default