Hedge Funds
Access an aggregation of global liquidity from any market makers or exchanges which is tradable from your own custodial account with no bilateral credit or bilateral settlement and no assets at exchanges. Real-time cross-margining and multilateral netting ensure maximum capital efficiency with zero counterparty credit or settlement risk.
Key Points
Keep assets at regulated custodian of your choice in your own account
Trade on any market maker or any exchange liquidity in the aggregate
Zero counterparty credit and settlement risk with Atomic Exchange and real-time clearing and settlement
No bilateral credit with market makers, no onboarding required
No assets on exchanges, no onboarding or account required
No bilateral settlement, all net settlement movements are automated at the custodial level
Cross-margining and multilateral netting - going long on one exchange and short with a market maker or another exchange is net flat
Full featured institutional trading platform for trading, reporting and managing collateral at your custodian
Full range of execution capabilities including CLOB, Dark Pool, Liquidity Aggregator w/SOR and RFQ block trading platform
Short borrowing, margin leverage financing with integrated real-time lending marketplace
Cross-custodian trading and net settlement to reach counterparties not at your custodian
Self-custody trading from any wallet with Virtual Custodian product
Industry standard FIX and REST/Websocket APIs for programmatic trading or integration with a preferred execution platform