Broker Dealers
Complete turn-key solution for delivering Crypto trading to clients, with no credit risk, no balance sheet requirement, no custody or handling of digital assets and regulatory coverage provided through ecosystem partners.
Key Points
Complete brokerage technology solution, fully hosted
White label trading platform, or use proprietary trading platform
Aggregation of any market maker and exchange liquidity for deepest tightest core liquidity
Manage users, liquidity, commissions and spreads with real-time monitoring and reporting
Go live quickly with no regulatory overhead through Sponsored Access model
No balance sheet commitment or risk to brokerage
No bilateral credit or bilateral settlement with market makers, no assets or onboarding at exchanges
Third-party regulated custody for segregated client accounts held direct at the custodian
AML/KYC handled by BSA regulated custodians
Aggregated liquidity tradable from custodial account with zero credit or settlement risk to brokerage or its clients
Industry standard FIX APIs as well as REST/Websocket APIs
Instant payments on custodial Layer-2 blockchain for collateral management such as cash sweep