Enterprise-ready solution for powering the entire Digital Asset lifecycle while eliminating the need to use balance sheet or take risk. Solutions for asset tokenization, liquidity aggregation, trading, payments and lending with APIs to build your own client facing application layer.
Key Points
Fully hosted, scalable, secure and compliant, meeting the standards for nationally chartered banks
Deliver trading, payments and lending capabilities to clients of all types
No balance sheet utilization or risk to neobank
Works with direct custody or sub-custodian model
Custodial Layer-2 blockchain for a cryptographically provable transaction ledger
Liquidity aggregation with no bilateral credit or bilateral settlement with market makers and no deposits on exchanges
Real-time clearing and settlement for trades and payments
No counterparty credit or settlement risk to custodian or clients
Real-time 24x7 payments for Fiat and Crypto between clients on Layer-2 blockchain with no public ledger or payment network fees in-network
Lending marketplace for AUC stickiness and yield offering
Cross-custodian trading, payments and net settlement movements expanding network reach
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Bosonic has a high energy team distributed globally and responding to the increased demand for critical infrastructure that eliminates crypto counterparty credit and settlement risk. Our leaders represent Subject Matter Experts in Financial Markets, Technology and Innovation and we foster continued growth and research as part of our culture.
Rosario Ingargiola
Chief Executive Officer